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The History of Bonsai

Although many of us associate Bonsai with Japanese culture, in fact the tradition of Bonsai - growing miniature trees in containers - originates in China. Let’s go back to 300BC - about 2300 years ago. The Chinese had begun to experiment with the idea of an object being spiritually powerful in a smaller, miniature format, which led to trees being shrunk and cultivated in containers. This tradition that was named ‘pun-tsai’. Later, about 700AD, the art of growing trees in containers made its way to Japan. Influenced by Zen Buddhism, the Japanese gradually developed this art until it became a...

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A Great Connection…

The Tranquil Plants team is so enjoying working with the exciting and ever-growing London company, WeWork. Spread throughout over 20 buildings in London and growing throughout the world, WeWork is a company which provide spaces where all sorts of different businesses and companies work and thrive together. Approximately 300 businesses work together in each hub, and modern environments which nurture innovation, creativity and connection between people are the trademark quality of the WeWork spaces. Tranquil Plants in WeWork Tranquil Plants absolutely love this approach to bringing companies together under one roof, and being there is to enter into a an...

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BBC Two - Monty Don's Japanese garden journey and its link to Kokedama

  The Japanese have always had a special attitude towards gardening that comprises patience, contentment and spirituality. Recently the renowned television presenter Monty Don on Gardeners` World BBC two has been travelling around Japanese gardens, exploring their iconic link to Zen, the traditional role of the tea ceremony, the rolling green moss of Buddhist temples and other botanical intrigues. For the episode on BBC 1, click here  Among the wild pink of cherry blossoms the gardens are awash with a sea of green moss, and this natural blanket is what forms the basis of our use of the traditional Japanese art...

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The Flourishing Fashion of Kokedama

The Kokedama trend has been growing feverishly in a newly-sprouting world of budding gardeners and green-fingered renegades, so we at Tranquil Plants thought it would be rather fitting to shed a little light on the custom of ‘plants with no pot’.

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Origin of Tranquil Plants

Japan has long been the spiritual home of ornamental plants and it is the country of origin for bonsai which became a specialist plant culture of its own and spread world-wide. Kokedama or moss ball also has its origins in Japan where they are very popular. Tranquil plants have continued this Kokedama tradition and hand-make these unique moss ball plants in the UK.  People are loving the unique style, natural influence and lovely, calming atmosphere Tranquil Plants bring to table decorations, desks, kitchens and bathrooms as well as to commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants and offices too. The plants are a unique...

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