Kokedama Cypress Trees: our New Arrival!

Kokedama Cypress Trees: our New Arrival!

Meet the newest addition to our Collection: Cypress Trees!

Here at Tranquil Plants we have a wide array of Fresh Air Plants, Bonsai Trees and Eco-friendly accessories all ready for Christmas. This year, though, we have an exciting new addition to our Kokedama plant collection; perfect for the Christmas season, our Cypress Pine Trees! 

cypress pine trees kokedama wrapped in moss

This plant resembles a mini Christmas Pine Tree, and when brushed or lightly crushed, its soft feathery foliage gives off a faint lemony pine smell. Being an evergreen tree, this plant will keep its foliage all year round, so whilst it is a great plant for the festive season, rest assured that it will thrive in all seasons.

Care Advice:

As with all our plants and trees, this Pine Kokedama is easy to look after and will stay looking its best when kept near a bright window in full sun, but away from direct heats sources such as radiator. Cypress trees need plenty of direct sunlight! However, unlike our other plants, if you find your Cypress Pine is unhappy in your house or, if you simply want to move it to the garden, it can be taken outside and live happily out in the open. 

To do this, you will need to give the plant some time to adapt to the change in temperature. Simply place your tree in a colder room for a few days before planting it. This will help your tree adjust from going inside to outside. Alternatively, placing it outside during the day and then bringing it inside at night for a few days will also prevent any unwanted environmental shock. Once planted outside in a suitable spot simply sit back and watch it grow. 

For more care guidance, such as how to water your Kokedama or care for its moss, click here or give us a call!

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