Summer Plant Care

Summer Plant Care

Summer has officially arrived and the (hopefully) warmer weather we will have throughout these next couple of months means your indoor plants may be in need of a little more maintenance and upkeep. Plants, just like us, can get dehydrated and sunburnt, so read on for our summer care tips to help your plants thrive in this beautiful season.

All of our plants will develop new leaves, and for Bonsai owners in particular, their plants will enter what's called a growing season and new leaves will form. You might want to think about pruning some of these new leaves and branches to keep your Bonsai looking nice and tidy. Asparagus Falcatus ferns may also require pruning more regularly as they are known to be speedy growers.

The other important aspect to consider is the amount of light and water your plant is getting. With the longer and warmer days, your plant will need more frequent watering - wilting, or curling leaves are a common signs of too little water. Remember to check your plant regularly to see if it requires more water. Mornings or evenings are typically the best times to water your plants to help minimise water evaporation. You should also increase humidity by misting your plants. 

It is also important to note that the stronger summer sun can burn your plants, even sun-loving Bonsai trees, so it might be a good idea to remove them from hot window sills to cooler spaces that still get bright light. Moss also likes shadier positions because it is important for this organism to retain moisture to survive, so bare this in mind when you are choosing the perfect summer spot for your moss-wrapped Kokedama plants.

A final tip is to remember to fertilise your plants because the extra nutrients from this can help them grow strong and healthy, which is especially important now during their growing season. For Bonsai tree owners, our Bonsai Care Kit which includes a Bonsai fertiliser and traditional pruning scissors is a useful kit to have for their summer care requirements. 

By doing a regular health check on your plants you can ensure that it stays happy and healthy throughout the summer season and can enjoy the summer as much as you!