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Urban house plants for Christmas Gifts

You don’t have to be a green-fingered garden whizz to appreciate a good plant when it’s given to you. And that’s especially the case at Christmas. Tranquil Plants are Kokedama - plants in moss balls which, in general, are (almost too) easy to look after, versatile (they can be hung from the ceiling or sat on the countertop) and they are great for urban living. They come in all shapes and sizes: there’ll be one for your mum, one for your grandma, your brother or your friend. All you have to do is find out which one… Below is a...

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Working with Loughborough College

It’s a real thrill for us, the Tranquil Plants team, to be working alongside a new “think tank” (says Stefan Thomas, our founder) of budding engineers from the degree course at Loughborough College. With their help and genius, we will be able to create new, innovative products to go alongside our new deluxe range, Event Horizon. Event Horizon is a new range of exclusive Bonsai trees, handcrafted to perfection in an unusual and striking format. The moss balls are elongated as if being warped or stretched, and the plants are then placed in chalices or stands handcrafted from waste material....

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Something old, something new, something borrowed,

With the summer season here we also have the arrival of the traditional wedding season. I'm sure everyone has been to at least one wedding and whilst the happy couple have to sort all the finer details for their big day the hardest thing for guests (apart from deciding what outfit to wear) is what present to give to the happy couple.  The idea of the wedding present originated from the dowry paid to the bride’s parents which could include land, money or livestock to help the newly-weds set up their new life (although we aren’t sure how a live...

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From clean air plants to clean air cars

We were recently fortunate enough to be invited to present a range of our fresh air plants at Toyota in Tamworth. The link between kokedama plants and cars might not be obvious at first but read on and all will be explained… If you've never heard the term “hybrid car” before: put simply, a hybrid electric vehicle combines a conventional engine with an electric one. So, when the vehicle is moving at lower speeds the electric engine is doing the work and when the vehicle speeds up or needs more power the normal petrol engine takes over. Hybrid cars can...

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You never thought the hair of a coconut husk could turn into something so chic

Simplicity. Elegance. Ease. Beauty. These are just a few words to describe the new up-and-coming coco-fibre range, a range that has taken Tranquil Plants by storm. There are two big players in this range, whose roots are now accommodated snugly in a rustic blanket of coco fibre. These are the Calamondin Citrus (basically a posh term for an orange tree) and French Lavender: a step above the english lavender due to its butterfly-like flowering buds. The defining characteristic of a coco-fibre plant is simply that its roots - instead of being wrapped in moss - are wrapped in coco-fibre, a type of...

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