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Kokedama Origins and History

Japan has long been the spiritual home of ornamental plants and is the country of origin for Bonsai, which became a specialist plant culture of its own and spread worldwide. Kokedama, translated as 'moss ball', also has its origins in Japan where they have been most popular as part of of an art tradition and philosophy called 'Wabi-Sabi'.

The plants are often described as Kokedama Japanese string gardens or Kokedama hanging gardens because one of their unique features is their ability to hang in a variety of locations. Tranquil plants have continued this Kokedama tradition and hand-make these unique moss ball plants in the UK.

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What is so special about Kokedama?

In comparison to regular potted houseplants, there are ancient beliefs deeply rooted in traditions like Kokedama, Feng Shui, and spirituality that are at the core of our business. Kokedama, with its Japanese origins, embodies a practice where the act of cultivating plants is considered an art form and a source of meditative tranquility.

Similarly, Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, emphasises the vital role of plants in balancing the energy flow, or "chi," within living spaces, thereby enhancing harmony and wellbeing. The spiritual connection to plants dates back centuries across cultures, viewing them as conduits to higher consciousness and a means to attune with the rhythms of nature.

By caring for our Kokedama plants and bonsai trees, you not only participate in a contemporary mindfulness practice but also tap into the age-old wisdom that celebrates the profound connection between humans and plants. Our selection of low-maintenance plants ensures that you can easily integrate these ancient principles into your modern lifestyle.

The nurturing of these living companions harmonizes the energies in your environment, channeling positivity and tranquility while enriching your spiritual journey. It's a beautiful synergy of tradition and contemporary wellness, where the act of caring for these plants not only improves your physical and mental health but also fosters a deeper connection to the spiritual essence of the natural world.


Kokedama Plant Art Spirituality

A Tranquil Plants Creation

Our unique approach to Kokedama draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese art form while infusing it with our own distinctive twist. There are many different ways you can create Kokedama plants, but we have taken a unique spin on this by incorporating a material called Coconut Fibre into our collection alongside traditional moss. By utilising coconut fibre (Coco-Fibre) to envelop our plants, we have reimagined this ancient practice, creating a fusion that harmonises tradition with eco-conscious innovation.

Coco-Fibre Kokedama Plants

The organic material of Coconut Fibre is not only sustainable and eco-friendly but also contributes to the overall health of the plant. Coconut fibre provides structure and stability to the Kokedama, aiding in moisture retention and root support. Its eco-conscious nature aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental responsibility.


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Species of Plant for Kokedama

Our plant selection extends beyond traditional bonsai trees to include ferns and other houseplants that flourish in indoor environments, ensuring that our Kokedama creations are suitable to the UK climate. By embracing a diverse range of species, we offer a broader spectrum of options, allowing you to cultivate your own green sanctuary with ease. Our Kokedama houseplants are a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition, sustainability, and adaptability, delivering a unique and eco-conscious way to embrace the beauty of indoor plants in the UK.

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