Christmas Gift Guide: Kokedama Plants

Christmas Gift Guide: Kokedama Plants

Christmas time is full of traditions from baubles to novelty jumpers. One of the most loved and well known is the exchanging of gifts, but, rather than the usual shower gel or socks, why not go for a unique Kokedama plant instead? A living, breathing present that can be cared for and can, if looked after properly, last a lifetime. If you are struggling to decide between a Pine Bonsai and a Bird's Nest Fern, or need a little extra help, then here is a little guide to assist you in choosing which plant will make the best gift.  

Kokedama: a Perfect Gift for Christmas!

Firstly, you may be wondering - what is ‘Kokedama’? Kokedama is an ancient Japanese tradition that translates to ‘moss ball’.  Kokedama has been most popular as part of an art tradition and philosophy called 'Wabi-Sabi'.

A Traditional and Original Concept: a Kokedama Bonsai Tree

If you're looking for a more traditional gift idea then a Bonsai plant is an ideal gift for you.  Perfect for people who will look forward to caring for a plant and have time to think about its growth. Whether it’s a Pine or Carmona, these small trees offer a unique look wrapped in living green moss like all our plants. Specially selected by us for their ease of care, all our Bonsai Trees will suit both Bonsai beginners and Bonsai enthusiasts. Especially hardy are the Ficus Ginseng and the Buddhist Pine. For more information on why Bonsai makes a great and meaningful gift for Christmas, click here.


carmona fukien tea tree mini bonsai kokedama beginner friendly

Pictured is our Carmona Bonsai Tree


Shopping for a Beginner-Friendly plant?

As well as Bonsai, we sell Kokedama Ferns and Palms. These are hardy plants that require a little less care and attention than Bonsai Trees but are also great fresh air plants, meaning that they are brilliant at removing toxins from the air. All of these plants come wrapped in soft green living moss, but can also come wrapped in Coco Fibre (Coconut Fibre) which requires even less looking after making them the ideal gifts for plant novices and experts alike.  Palms and Ferns love humidity and shadier positions (medium light), so will be happy living in bathrooms, kitchens, or on your bedside table!

Looking for an easy and low maintenance option?

For those with busier lives or those who have trouble keeping plants alive, we recommend our Coco-Fibre collection. Despite the beauty of our Moss wrapped plants, Moss is a living organism so requires its own set of care requirements. Our rustic, hardy Coconut Fibre collection in comparison offers a super easy care alternative that plants love. Coco Fibre, if you’re wondering, is the natural straw-like fibers extracted from a coconut husk. It is an eco-friendly product that is excellent at not only keeping your plant wrapped tight and safe, but also great at both holding water and gradually releasing it to keep your plants roots hydrated and happy. View our Coco-Fibre collection here.


christmas festive parlour palm houseplants indoor plants mini palm

Pictured is our Coco-Fibre Palm


Still struggling to decide?

If you’re still stuck between which plant to gift, we offer a Tranquil Plants digital gift card so that you can give the choice to them! This can be found here. Our gift card is valid on all products in our store, including our full range of accessories like hangers, trays and spray bottles to pair with our Kokedama plants!