Sustainability & Environmental Policy

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Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment.

Sustainable Products and Eco-Friendly Accessories

At Tranquil Plants, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our operational practices; it's deeply ingrained in the very products we create and offer to our customers. We take pride in our Kokedama plants, crafted with care using organic and sustainably sourced materials.

Organic and Sustainably Sourced Materials

When it comes to our Kokedama plants, we exclusively use organic and sustainably sourced materials to create these botanical wonders. One such material is coconut fibre, a natural and organic resource known for its eco-friendly properties. Coconut fibre, often referred to as coir, not only provides an excellent medium for plant growth but is also biodegradable, making it an ideal choice for our Kokedama creations.

Moss is equally sustainable. Moss is a natural and renewable resource that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of our plants, but also contributes to their overall health. With our commitment to sourcing moss responsibly, we ensure that the delicate balance of nature is maintained.

Our dedication to sustainability extends to the plant accessories that accompany our Kokedama plants. We take great care in selecting eco-friendly options that align with our mission to minimise our environmental footprint. One prime example is our Jute Twine hanger, a natural and biodegradable material that complements the organic beauty of our Kokedama. 

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Responsible Packaging Choices

Our packaging choices reflect our dedication to responsible environmental stewardship. We exclusively use 100% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourced boxes, ensuring sustainable forest management and habitat preservation. Additionally, our FSC paper tape enhances recyclability while reducing packaging waste.

Our packaging is 98% eco-friendly and we are working towards making this 100%; we are always looking at eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and single-use items.

Recycling and Waste Management

We take waste reduction seriously. Our commitment to recycling is evident as we donate plastic pots and moss boxes to local allotments and garden centers, ensuring these materials find new life. Additionally, we are steadily progressing toward becoming 100% peat-free in our plant range products.

Water Conservation Efforts

We actively harvest rainwater to nurture our plants and are actively exploring ways to expand and enhance this sustainable practice. We encourage our customers to re-use water when they water their Kokedama plants. 

Supporting Climate-Positive Charities & Organisations

Beyond our day-to-day operations, we actively support climate-positive charities such as Water Aid and tree planting organisations like the Woodland Trust and International Tree FoundationWe also actively seek partnerships with organisations that share our values, focusing on environmental preservation and sustainable practices.

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Responsible Printing 

Our approach to sustainability extends to our printing practices. We employ three Eco tank printers by Epson, utilising FSC sourced paper and refillable ink tanks to reduce the environmental impact associated with traditional ink cartridges.

Emissions Reduction

We prioritise energy efficiency with state-of-the-art LED grow lights in our greenhouse and nursery, reducing energy consumption while promoting plant growth. In our workshop and nursery, we opt for gas-powered space heaters, a more efficient alternative to electric heaters.

Carbon Neutral Commitment

As a business that is committed to working towards its carbon neutral goal, we are always adapting to changes using the most positive and eco-friendly options available.

We aim to collaborate and work with more companies and organisations that share the same ideals as us; of protecting the environment and climate whilst investing in sustainable practices and processes.

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