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Origin of Tranquil Plants

Japan has long been the spiritual home of ornamental plants and it is the country of origin for bonsai which became a specialist plant culture of its own and spread world-wide. Kokedama or moss ball also has its origins in Japan where they are very popular. Tranquil plants have continued this Kokedama tradition and hand-make these unique moss ball plants in the UK.  People are loving the unique style, natural influence and lovely, calming atmosphere Tranquil Plants bring to table decorations, desks, kitchens and bathrooms as well as to commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants and offices too. The plants are a unique...

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Tranquil Plants' Solutions to Pollutants

They’ve been doing it for aeons. They’ve been working at it for billions of years - and much of the time we do in fact forget that they are the only reason that we are alive today, we're talking about Plants of course!

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Tips for a more Tranquil Christmas

How can you make your Christmas even more meaningful this year?  We thought we’d like to talk a bit about happiness.  Have you ever asked yourself where happiness comes from?   Sometimes Christmas can become about buying lots of gifts in the pursuit of making yourself or others happy, but happiness is a state of mind, and so cannot come directly from a gift, which is quite clearly not a state of mind.   That means (luckily) that happiness doesn’t depend on physical stuff - happiness can be increased merely by focusing your mind on more positive thought patterns.  Instead of an...

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Why you should NOT buy an air purifying machine...

In London around 9000 people die prematurely every year due to pollution in the city, and younger children now develop smaller lungs to cope with the atmosphere around them. Does that sound fair to you? And unfortunately, even if we don’t live in cities, we are never quite safe from air pollution. Although you make think you’d be safer indoors, the air quality in buildings can be up to ten times worse than outside (see our sick building syndrome blog). How do you deal with this? Get an air purifying machine? Sorry to say, folks, but that is not the...

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Kokedama Corporate Gifts

Organisations like car firms, solicitors’ firms and digital media corporations have been coming to Tranquil Plants for their corporate gifting needs, and we offer them our kokedama products: unique, inspiring plants that are easy to care for, environmentally friendly and perfect ornaments in all homes, workplaces and places of leisure.  Tranquil Plants are special gifts for four reasons:  They promote care of the environment. Plants like ferns, palms and ivies are scientifically proven by NASA to purify the air of toxins. You can read more about this in our blog here: Purifying benefits of fresh air plant Our moss ball plants originate in ancient Japan and hark back to a more mindful age,...

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