Decorating with Kokedama Plants this Christmas

Decorating with Kokedama Plants this Christmas

Christmas is a time of many things, gifts, family, lights and one of the most iconic images of the season is that of the Christmas tree. Although a fairly new tradition (Christmas trees only became popular in England thanks to Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert) now almost every home or shop sports some form of tree. But conifer trees aren’t the only tree or plant associated with Christmas, you can find wreaths made from holy and ivy, mistletoe hanging over door frames and bright red poinsettias in front of the hearth.

All rich living greens and reds helping lighten up the dark days of winter, so why not extend this tradition, decorating your home with natural beauty from fresh air palms and ferns wrapped in lush green living moss to Cyprus Pines resembling mini Christmas trees. A great coffee table piece or hanging up with our Japanese string garden hangers.



Pictured above is our mini moss Christmas tree

Tranquil Plants of course sells a variety of trees, plants and accessories to suit every need and occasion. You can even add your own decoration such as mini baubles and tinsel which can add some sparkle and shine, or if you want to avoid placing anything onto your plant you can create holiday stakes with a cut out Santa, snow flakes or anything else. Whatever you do, make your Christmas not only merry and bright, but lush and green.

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