Why Bonsai Trees are a Perfect Christmas Gift

Why Bonsai Trees are a Perfect Christmas Gift

One of the fun but occasionally daunting aspects of Christmas is gifts. So, to make things a little easier for you this Christmas, we have a suggestion for you - Kokedama Bonsai Trees.

Why is Bonsai a great gift to give at Christmas time?

A Bonsai truly is the gift to last a lifetime. Instead of gifting clothing or items that can ware away, gifting a plant is a sustainable and meaningful option that can last an entire life time with the right care. Bonsai Trees bring all year round pleasure – a Bonsai will display seasonal changes like flowering, fruiting or the changing of leaf colour. 

Bonsai can also brighten up and bring a calming atmosphere to most spaces and situations, so if there is someone you know who needs some zen in their life or someone who might be in need of a centerpiece for a dining room, then a Bonsai will create that and is a great option.

In case you weren’t sure, a Bonsai is a traditional art form of growing miniature varieties of trees or shrubs. At Tranquil Plants, we sell a wide range of Bonsai in the form of Kokedama, all wrapped in lush living green moss which adds humidity to the air and the plant loves it. Our range of Bonsai are specially selected for their ease of care and suitability for beginners, making them ideal gifts for not just bonsai enthusiasts, but all plant lovers! You can view our full range of Bonsai Trees here.

carmona bonsai tree

Pictured above is our Carmona Bonsai Tree


Our Bonsai Trees brings greenery and tranquility wherever they are placed. They can even be displayed as a hanging plant using one of our eco-friendly hangers. As Bonsai are trees and shrubs, if looked after correctly they will last for years, and can be shaped and trained as they slowly grow making them completely individual. So why not try a unique living gift that lasts and lasts whether it's in the home, an office, or somewhere else entirely. It certainly beats a pair of socks!