New Accessories for your Kokedama Plants

New Accessories for your Kokedama Plants

We have added new additions to our plant accessories collection to spruce up your Kokedama plants. This includes new plant trays, spray bottles and plant hangers, all of which are perfect to pair with your plants.

houseplants Kokedama fern

We recommend spray bottles for moss care, because your moss will thrive when it is kept moist and damp. We have lots of different spray bottles for you to choose from, which you can view from the link below:


hanging plants

Plant hangers are brand new to our collection and are a great, creative way of displaying your Kokedama plants indoors. Pictured above is our gold plant hanger which is designed to collect water droplets that may seep from your Kokedama ball so that nothing drips onto the floor. We also have this tray available in black!


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