How to Care for Moss

How to Care for Moss

Moss Care Guidance

Like all living things your moss ball Kokedama will change over time and brown patches will occur. To keep your moss as fresh as the day it arrived for as long as possible there are a few things you can do:

  • Mist your moss: for your moss to stay fresh, it helps to give it a misting spray here and there, typically every 1-3 days. Misting requirements will depend on the humidity and airflow in your home.
  • Try not to over water: Over watering your plant or leaving it in a damp area can cause it to turn brown, think about where your plant is placed and if its having an affect on your plants health.
  • Types of Water: Using unfiltered “hard water” can have an affect on your plant, try using bottled water or rain instead.
  • Refresh your plant: Simply spray your moss then pop it back into its clear plastic bag that it arrived in for a few days to help keep your moss fresh and green.

What do I do if my moss is going brown?

If your moss is losing its colour, don’t panic, there are some easy things you can do to help bring it back to life!

Luckily one of the great things about moss is that it is a resilient plant that can survive harsh conditions (such as being left to dry out) and then quickly rejuvenate once conditions become favourable again. Moss loves humidity and needs moisture to thrive. Because of this, if you notice your moss ball losing its fresh, green appearance we recommend doing the following:


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Step 1: Lightly mist a clear bag (if you still have it, the one that your Kokedama arrived in) with water.

Step 2: Place your Kokedama inside this bag and tie it up so that the entire moss ball is covered and wrapped up. This creates a greenhouse effect, increasing the moisture around the plant, to help your moss revive.

Step 3: Leave for 1-2 weeks.

Note: If your plant needs watering in between this time, remove it from the clear bag and water as usual by submerging it in water. You must let the moss dry out again after the plant has been watered before you place it back into the bag, as too much water will oversaturate the moss and kill it. The key tip is to keep moss moist as much as possible (not dry and not soaking wet).

By following these steps carefully, you should notice your moss springing back to life. Repeat these steps as and when is necessary, and remember to keep misting the moss regularly so that it continues to stay moist.

For further help or other plant related guidance, you can email us at and we will try our best to help!