A Tranquil 2023: How Kokedama can help create Peace in the New Year

A Tranquil 2023: How Kokedama can help create Peace in the New Year

The New Year is an overwhelming time; we are faced with new beginnings, new people and new habits. But even though stacking your plate with gym sessions, a new hobby, and the decision to never eat sugar again may feel good, you’re also adding huge amounts of new stress into your life.

Stress is a key contributor to poor health, so introducing more peace and tranquility as soon as possible is essential to keeping yourself happy and thriving in 2023. Our Kokedama at Tranquil Plants are here to help! Plants are more powerful than you might think; not only are our Kokedama air-purifying, but adding greenery to your daily spaces can also have a transformative effect on your mental health and general tranquility of mind. For example, a dull corner can become bushy and vibrant with our Asparagus Falcatus Fern, or an empty shelf can be invigorated with one of our unique and elegant Ficus Ginseng Bonsai Trees.

asparagus falcatus tranquil plants kokedama

Pictured above is our Asparagus Falcatus Fern.

Houseplants have been proven to reduce negative emotions by engaging the senses, especially touch and smell. In these dark winter months, when taking a walk in nature becomes a little less possible, bringing greenery into your house is a great option for reducing stress and preserving your mental wellbeing. Each Kokedama is like its own little Zen Garden and seeing bursts of lush green
leaves and moss will bring more peace and joy to each day than you would expect. It is literally a little living ecosystem pumping fresh oxygen out for you, how cool is that!

If this didn’t tell you enough about how our Kokedama here at Tranquil Plants can help fill your life and environment with peace in 2023, check out our blog on how to create a tranquil and harmonious home with Kokedama here.