About Us

Our Roots ​​

Stefan Thomas, Tranquil Plants’ professional ‘plant whisperer’ has a personal passion unlike anyone else, after being inspired by botanical decor when his father built 13 tropical houses in Australia. He is an expert with the Japanese art form of Kokedama (translates to 'moss-ball'), and his talks are beautifully illustrated with sparkling inspiration, intriguing history, and horticultural allure. ​​

When Stefan started on his journey to founding Tranquil Plants, he was inspired by the fact that Kokedama had no pots but still looked beautiful and functioned just as well, if not better, than plants with pots.

The more he started to play around with the idea, making moss balls and watering them in his bath tub, the more he realised how easy they were to look after. He discovered that unlike normal houseplants, Kokedama have an in-built barometer to test whether they need watering: simply lift your plant. If it’s light, it’s ready to water! Stefan then began to share his passion with the world.​

Stefan set up the company to inspire people and organisations to integrate plants into their lives. Plants shouldn't be mere accessories left in dark corners, but known as inspiring devices that purify air through natural filters and which work to reduce our carbon footprint.


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Our Company Ethos​

At our core, our company ethos revolves around fostering a deep connection between individuals and the natural world through the beauty of Kokedama houseplants and bonsai trees. We are driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of indoor plants to enhance overall wellbeing and health. 

Connecting People to Nature

In a world where concrete jungles often dominate the landscape, our company ethos centers on reconnecting individuals with nature through the beauty of Kokedama plants and bonsai trees. For those residing in apartment blocks, cities, or urban areas with limited access to green spaces, our indoor plants serve as a lifeline to the natural world. Even if you're fortunate enough to have an outdoor garden, indoor plants create a serene sanctuary within, offering a year-round connection to nature that transcends the boundaries of weather and seasons.

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Improving Physical and Mental Wellbeing

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering commitment to enhancing physical and mental wellbeing through the power of Kokedama indoor plants. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, our plants serve as champions of health, diligently purifying indoor air by efficiently removing CO2, formaldehyde, and other harmful toxins while releasing oxygen. This natural air purification process not only ensures cleaner and fresher indoor environments but also promotes better respiratory health. Moreover, the presence of lush greenery has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance overall mental wellbeing. We believe that nurturing a connection with our plants is a cost-effective investment in your health and happiness, making your space a haven of tranquility and vitality.

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