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”We're about inspiring people to be creative with plants.”

​Tranquil Plants are more than just a plant… Through the wisdom of Japanese tradition and the virtues of nature, we bring an original idea to your space that will inspire and refresh. Whilst planting a unique vibe to your home or workplace, our plants offer an efficient and cost-effective approach to purifying the air of CO2, formaldehyde and other toxins and giving out oxygen. Made by hand with authentic materials, every Tranquil Plant lasts a lifetime with the right care.

Our roots ​​

Tranquil Plants are bringing the inspirational and health benefits of plants back into our world by working with Kokedama. Stefan Thomas, Tranquil Plants’ professional ‘plant whisperer’ has a personal passion unlike anyone else, after being inspired by botanical decor when his father built 13 tropical houses in Australia. He is an expert with the Japanese art form of Kokedama (translates to moss ball), and his talks are beautifully illustrated with sparkling inspiration, intriguing history and horticultural allure. ​​

When Stefan started on his journey to founding Tranquil Plants, he was inspired by the fact that Kokedama had no pots but still looked beautiful and functioned just as well, if not better than plants with pots. The more he started to play around with the idea, making moss balls and watering them in his bath tub, the more he realised how easy they were to look after. He discovered that unlike normal houseplants, Kokedama have an in-built barometer to test whether you need to water them. Simply lift your plant and feel the weight. If it’s light, it’s ready to water! Stefan then began to share his passion with the world.​

Lets talk health and lifestyle…​​

Tranquil Plants are at the forefront of bringing peace via inspiration and wholesome natural beauty, as well as that WOW factor you get when you see something gleaming with originality. The company was set up to inspire people and companies to think differently about plants, not just as accessories left in dark corners, or even just to add to the room, but as devices that purify air through natural filters and which work to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our environmental ethics​ ​

Working with plants has given us a great respect for them and the environment, and we are constantly thinking about how to best reduce the carbon footprint of our business, especially in packaging and and purchasing.

Through this, we are happy to say that…

  • Our packaging is only 4% plastic
  • We recycle all our waste products
  • We harvest our own water to feed our moss balls

We are always striving to benefit you, the customer.

​​We have 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a one month replacement policy if you are not fully satisfied with your product. We also have free shipping all across the UK.
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