Buddhist Pine Kokedama

A Living, Wonderful Father’s Day Gift

Ah! You sigh:
The sunlight shines through the tall trees, pine cones crackling underfoot.
Through the branches you see the red roofs of a monastery,
And hear the distant sound of a gong playing…
The birds tweet casually in the cool air,
And you smile, perfectly content.
Take this scenario and reduce it to a portable plant, and here you have it: the Buddhist pine, the
un-potted Podocarpus. Although we can’t guarantee it will bring your Dad inner peace, as a
fathers’ day gift it can certainly inspire it in him, and uplift whatever space he wishes.

Tranquil and inspiring…
Plants in general bring life and inspiration to your indoor spaces, and help to uplift and calm the
mind.The Buddhist pine bristles with bright energy and holds its graceful pose like a yoga master,
radiating a calm, reflective energy.
Easy to care for…
The pine is also robust and quite content to care for itself. Other than regular watering, you won’t
need to give it much attention. It is keen on medium to high sunlight, but can survive anywhere in a
house, apartment or studio. It doesn’t need pruning. It is an easy, no-stress plant to maintain for

A wonderful addition to any space…
This plant might be a great addition to your Dad’s workspace, whether that’s a studio, shop, or
office. Plants help with productivity and happiness.
In short, this plant is a wonderful addition to any space and is easy to maintain, making it suitable
for your father whether he is green-fingered or not.
Either way, have a wonderful fathers’ day!

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Buddhist Pine Kokedama