Working with Loughborough College

It’s a real thrill for us, the Tranquil Plants team, to be working alongside a new “think tank” (says Stefan Thomas, our founder) of budding engineers from the degree course at Loughborough College. With their help and genius, we will be able to create new, innovative products to go alongside our new deluxe range, Event Horizon.

Event Horizon is a new range of exclusive Bonsai trees, handcrafted to perfection in an unusual and striking format. The moss balls are elongated as if being warped or stretched, and the plants are then placed in chalices or stands handcrafted from waste material.

Every facet of the explosive design is informed by astrophysics, and all its aspects pulled together result in a powerful statement that brings awareness to the number one modern day threat across the world: product pollution.

The award-winning London-based designer, Arturo Soto, with whom Stefan is developing this range, says the following about the Event Horizon products:

“The objects made out of waste and reused material posses elegant curves inspired by astrophysics calculations” and these in turn, by pointing to and reflecting the huge destructive power of a black-hole, “bring awareness to the way we pollute our environment,” perhaps one of the most destructive things happening in our world today. Please see the link below for the related article on Loughborough College's website.

Loughborough College Page

With this new release, launching our plants far into outer space and into the dimensions of a more conceptual product, it is therefore perfect timing for us to be receiving enthusiastic volunteers from the engineering course; and we know that their support, youth, ideas and creativity will take Tranquil Plants forward into a new, exciting realm of innovation.

Tranquil Plants with Loughborough College