Something old, something new, something borrowed,

With the summer season here we also have the arrival of the traditional wedding season. I'm sure everyone has been to at least one wedding and whilst the happy couple have to sort all the finer details for their big day the hardest thing for guests (apart from deciding what outfit to wear) is what present to give to the happy couple. 

KokedamaThe idea of the wedding present originated from the dowry paid to the bride’s parents which could include land, money or livestock to help the newly-weds set up their new life (although we aren’t sure how a live pig might go down with modern couples). This practice changed to marriage chests, in which the bride would pack or be given a chest containing everything she might need in her new marriage. Unmarried women would make hope chests; boxes containing everything they thought they would need when they got married. Jump forward a few hundred years and the first actual gift register in America came about from Macy's department store in the 1920s and from then it assumed the classic form we now know. Things have come a long way from giving farm animals or land for someone’s hand in marriage,  but the idea of giving something to the couple that will aid them in their new life still remains. In our modern age it is becoming harder and harder to come up with gifts that will both help and be memorable and this is where Tranquil plants and its wide ranges are the perfect solution. 

What better gift could you give than a great looking and unusual kokedama plant? From the frizzy asparagus fern to the trailing ivy plant these vibrant green plants will be a wedding gift to remember and cherish that will grow and flourish with their marriage.

Worried the happy couple are a bit less green fingered? Have no worries, our coco fibre fresh air plants are both super easy to care for and provide clean air to the home. Take a look at our fantastic Calamondin orange trees which would look amazing inside or outside the marital home. Have a browse of all our ranges on our home page...

So this year rather than china or silverware - give the happy couple a living gift that will grow with them.