Tranquil Beginnings

Tranquil Beginnings

The lambs are jumping, the daffodils are in full flower, the sun is getting warmer and more frequent. I’ve just come back to my parents ’home in Cumbria, North England, and I’m really feeling the new spring beginnings. Wherever you are, whether in the city or country, have you noticed the heightened colours, the luminescent flowers, the blossom appearing in parks and gardens?

Read this blog for a few spring-themed tips, centred on caring for both your plants and your indoor environment.

Keeping plants well this spring

A lot of plants, such as bonsai, and ferns, will be waking from their winter slumber and crying out for some breakfast, so it’s important to give them a feed. You can do this with fertiliser, particularly with baby bio. Check our FAQs page for more information on this, and read your individual plant care guide.

Make sure to give your plants lots of light and, if you can, spray their foliage twice a week with water for extra greenness. They will love it and respond to your cherishing… you may find, too, that some of your plants such as bonsai will be producing flowers this time of the year!

Working From Home? Love your room!

Lots of you reading will have been working from home - perhaps your own room - for the last year, so keeping that room an uplifting and inspiring place can help to boost your mood and improve your work too.

A classical spring clean is a fantastic way to organise your thoughts as well as your home. You may have heard of Marie Kondo, who gives some really interesting insights on how cleaning can help you feel organised and refreshed.

Feng Shui is also a fantastic tool for enacting your spring clean. It is a Chinese principle that recommends you keep six key things in mind when arranging your work or living space:

1. Natural light


3. Colours

4. Plants

5. Images

6. Materials such as flooring

Keeping houseplants in my room has helped me to keep uplifted and connected with nature: a peace lily, a dracaena and a mini spider plant are my inspiring companions while I work! To go with the spring vibe, Tranquil Plants would recommend one or two bird’s nest ferns, perhaps on a coffee table or on the window sill. Perhaps you already have your own… 

Any take-aways? Get in touch!

We hope you have some useful take-aways from this blog, and if you’d like to send in any pictures of your Tranquil Plant in the spring, the team would love to hear from you.