From clean air plants to clean air cars

We were recently fortunate enough to be invited to present a range of our fresh air plants at Toyota in Tamworth. The link between kokedama plants and cars might not be obvious at first but read on and all will be explained…

Fresh Air KokedamaIf you've never heard the term “hybrid car” before: put simply, a hybrid electric vehicle combines a conventional engine with an electric one. So, when the vehicle is moving at lower speeds the electric engine is doing the work and when the vehicle speeds up or needs more power the normal petrol engine takes over. Hybrid cars can recharge the electric engine in a variety of ways. In Toyota's case, when the car brakes, the kinetic energy is used to charge the electric engine (meaning you never need to worry about plugging the car in or the range that it can go).

If all this sound very futuristic then you might be surprised to find out the hybrid car has actually been around since 1901 however due to the low prices of petrol, and little thought towards pollution, hybrid cars were never mass produced until Toyota brought out the Prius in 1997. Since then, hybrid cars have grown in number with over 12 million hybrid cars sold (a staggering 7.5 million of them in Japan alone).

Not only are Hybrid electric cars usually more fuel efficient, as the electric engine will do most of the work, it also means that they are far more environmentally friendly than traditional cars. Hybrid vehicles reduce air emissions of smog forming pollutants by up to 90% and cut carbon dioxide emissions in half. 

This cleaner air aspect is what interested us here at Tranquil plants. Our own range of fresh air plants including palms, ivy and ferns, help keep your indoor environment clean. Our many varieties of great looking plants help take out pollutants (like benzene, formaldehyde and xylene) from the air around you, whilst hybrid electric cars can contribute to reducing pollution from road users around the world. The link between coca fibre ‘fresh air’ palms and hybrid electric cars might not be obvious at first but both work towards making our environment a cleaner one.

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Fresh Air Kokedama Range