Making the Perfect Kokedama Hanging Garden

Making the Perfect Kokedama Hanging Garden


Suspending your Kokedama in thin air is a magical thing to do - colourful, fun, creative and intuitive. Whether you’re preparing your plants for the office, decking out the entrance to your indie coffee house or sprucing up your bedroom, check this blog for some important pointers on hanging gardens.

You’ll first need some plants…

Hanging gardens go back to ancient times, even to the gardens of Babylon, but they became a trend a few years ago in the West and are now sprouting all over the contemporary gardening scene. If you already have one or more bonsai or kokedama (moss ball plants), you can begin your hanging garden right away; if not, you can find a range of kokedama to buy right here:


String and platforms

Kokedama can be hung in two different ways: with only string, or with the use of a platform. Depending on what kind of style you are going for and what kind of eye for aesthetics you have, both can be rewarding.


• Wrap plants and hang them in colourful string for an eclectic feel

• Use rustic brown string (or thin rope) for an old-time vibe

• Garden and fishing wire can be used, making the plant appear as if it is hovering without supports (fishing wire is invisible and also very strong).

• Make your own hangers with macrame.

 If you wish to use platforms to suspend Kokedama, a slate or wood square a few centimetres larger than your house plant can be used (read below on how).


Play around with the arrangement of your house plants — Pinterest has some great inspiration for this (just search ‘hanging garden’). Plants tend to look good in multiples alongside each other. For instance, if you have three plants - for instance ferns, or Chinese elms - and a plank of wood, you can arrange the plants on the plank and use that as a platform, drilling holes in each corner and using rope to suspend the entire thing. You can do the same with slate, too. This might be a little tricker, but a lot of fun. Get creative!

 Installing (and safely!)


You can fix your plants using nails, crossbeams and even suction devices. The most important thing when hanging your plants is to do It safely. When you water your plants, for instance, they will be a lot heavier, and this can become a hazard if your fixture is not strong enough. So while you’re being creative, do take care to keep safety in the back of your mind.


If you have made a hanging garden, do send a picture in to