Make Christmas Merry and Healthy with Bonsai Plants Aplenty!

Make Christmas Merry and Healthy with Bonsai Plants Aplenty!


 The year of 2020 has been tough for everyone globally; marked with lockdowns, social distancing and sadly many deaths. Yet, a time to rejoice is fast approaching, however will it really be a ‘merry’ Christmas? Although we are allowed to see our families during this coming holiday period, we are still reminded to keep a distance from them as the virus is still a very real threat looming in the background. However, one aspect of Christmas that has not changed despite the chaotic nature of 2020, and that is the spirit of gift giving.

 Many of us are looking to find that perfect gift for our friends and families, whom for many of us have not seen since March. Here in Tranquil Plants, we specialise in kokedamas (moss balls) and bonsai plants that will excite both beginners and enthusiasts alike!  We believe that, not only do our kokedamas and bonsais possess unique qualities and benefits; they also act as meaningful gifts. Our kokedamas and bonsai plants can contribute to the well being of whoever may be given one of our plants as presents. Our kokedamas and bonsais are all ‘fresh air’ plants and have been scientifically verified by NASA to absorb pollutants in the air and release clean oxygenated air instead.

The ‘fresh air’ capabilities of our plants can contribute to the health of your friends and love ones, not to mention that they also look aesthetically pleasing. Why not put back the ‘merry’ back into Christmas with one of our splendid and special kokedama bonsais! We have a great range of bonsai trees, ferns and even herbs! Just for this Christmas, we are offering a limited time product – the Mini Bonsai, get them while stocks last! Nothing really conveys that you miss and appreciate someone more than giving them a wonderful, yet functional gift!

We are now available to take pre-orders for Christmas, starting from the 1st of December until the 12th of December. We will be sending the plants on the 16th of December and they should arrive around the 20th of December – just in time for Christmas. If you are not looking to pre-order, worry not – we will be taking orders as usual until the 16th of December for regular orders. Lastly, we are wishing everybody a safe Merry Christmas and a positive Happy New Year!

    • We cannot change the dates as it will be an extremely busy period, and we will need to give Royal Mail enough time to deliver all orders for the 20th of December.
    • Please note that we highly recommend that you take the plant out of the box when it arrives. You can leave it inside a bag (which we will provide) so it can get some air up to Christmas day. It will be okay to leave in the bag for 4 days, or carefully put it back in the box the day before Christmas.