Urban house plants for Christmas Gifts

Ficus ginseng bonsai christmas gift

You don’t have to be a green-fingered garden whizz to appreciate a good plant when it’s given to you. And that’s especially the case at Christmas. Tranquil Plants are Kokedama - plants in moss balls which, in general, are (almost too) easy to look after, versatile (they can be hung from the ceiling or sat on the countertop) and they are great for urban living. They come in all shapes and sizes: there’ll be one for your mum, one for your grandma, your brother or your friend. All you have to do is find out which one…

Below is a list of three great plants to give as Christmas gifts this year.

  1. Coco Fibre Palm. This kokedama is a great choice, particularly for those who aren’t as confident at keeping houseplants or haven’t the time to care for them and prune them. Coco-fibre requires the lowest maintenance of all our plants. The rustic moss which covers them isn’t living, so doesn’t require any care or misting like the green moss does.
  1. Ficus Ginseng Bonsai is a lovely new sculptured woody looking tree which is really hardy. 
  1. Zen Garden. As you can probably tell from the title, the Zen Garden instills a little peace into wherever it’s placed. The Zen Garden is a Bonsai set, including incense and a rustic slate base: it is a great present for anyone who has a little more time to tend to plants.

If you fancy something which has story and art to it, then it might be worth looking at the Deluxe range.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE for when you receive these plants for Christmas. If you are going to put it under the tree when it arrives in the mail take it out of its box immediately or it will die. If you are leaving it under the Christmas tree in a box, do so one day before it will be opened. Please order before Thursday 16th December to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.