Earth Day and Tranquil Plant's Promise

Earth Day and Tranquil Plant's Promise

Every year, sustainability and climate change become increasingly distressing and significant topics, and thus working out ways you can reduce your carbon footprint this Earth day can be a great way to help contribute your part to helping our planet!

Earth day is on the 22nd of April, was first held in 1970 and draws together over 190 countries to try transform our Earth into a greener, cleaner place. The goal of the event is to show our support for helping the planet and environment, both by raising awareness of climate change, and trying to undertake activities which support the Earth.

Our Promise

Sustainability and eco-concern have always been essential core values for us here at Tranquil Plants since day one. Our boxes are 100% cardboard, and over time we have cut down our plastic usage in our packaging down to just 4%. Moreover, we recycle all our waste products, such as our unused moss which is composted or sent to local Loughborough gardens.

Our packing peanuts are also 100% biodegradable, and our Kokedama are by nature more eco-friendly than your typical houseplant, as they simply don’t need a plastic pot to sit in!

Tranquil plants houseplants are therefore a fantastic way to contribute back to the planet this Earth day. Our Kokedama plants benefit both you and the Earth, brightening up your home as well as drawing toxins and CO2 out of the air of the house, thus contributing to your health and peace of mind, as well as purifying the planet’s atmosphere! Indoor environments are up to 10 times more polluted than the air outside, so this is very important for both you and the Earth. Among the best houseplants for absorbing these contaminants from the air, according to NASA, are ferns and palms – our main Kokedama plants!

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Pictured above: Our fresh-air moss palms.

One environmental lecturer in Sydney, Fraser Torpy, suggests on the Earth day website that even three plants in an average-sized office will reduce airborne volatile organic compounds to an “extremely low” level! Kokedama thus make a fantastic environmental addition to your house and plant collection, as they actively work to reduce the toxins and contaminants that infest our planet’s air (and the more the better!)

According to, on their list of the main activities you can do as an individual on Earth day to help our environment, two of the main suggestions are to plant trees, which help reduce CO2 air pollution, and to reduce plastic consumption. These values perfectly align with the Tranquil Plants ethos, as our plants work hard to reduce CO2 pollution and our packaging utilizes very little plastic compared to typical houseplants.

Kokedama therefore make the perfect gift (for yourself or others!) this Earth day, both to help you, and to help the planet.

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