Feng Shui and Kokedama: Creating a Harmonious Home

Feng Shui and Kokedama: Creating a Harmonious Home

You may have heard of Feng Shui before – the Chinese notion that the arrangement of buildings and decorations can affect the flow of energy, or Chi, in your environment – but did you know that Bonsai and Kokedama are actually often discussed within the practice of Feng Shui?

In Feng Shui, Kokedama are seen as uniting the Five key elements into the location they are in, thus balancing the energy around them. This means that according to this established tradition, having a Kokedama plant in your home can harmonize your spaces and therefore improve the energy surrounding you!

Pictured: A selection of our Kokedama and Eco-Accessories

Five Elements for Harmony in your life

So, what are these five elements Feng Shui practice says Kokedama unite?

The first is Earth, which might seem a bit obvious. The Kokedama brings in Earth through the moss ball it lives inside of. Second is Water, which is brought in through any way you provide moisture to the plant. Next is Fire, which is brought in through the plant itself, especially if it has colourful buds, particularly of red, purple or pink, as you might find on one of our Bonsai Plants. Finally, we have Metal in the spherical shape of the moss ball, and Wood in the tree trunk and stems!

Placement, Plants and Feng Shui

So, you’ve treated yourself to a new Kokedama to bring your life into harmony. Where do you place it? It turns out that in Feng Shui tradition, the placement of your Bonsai is also essential for making sure you can reap the multitude of benefits it can bring!

Ultimately, whether you place your Kokedama onto furniture or hang it up, it will still harmonize the space and energy around it. However, tradition does suggest that if you’re planning on placing your Kokedama into a large space that it may be a better idea to have it hanging. As in large spaces like this, such as the stairway or living room, there will be a high flow of Yang energy, and this will help the energy flow naturally and not become trapped or stagnant, such as in small corners or spaces. However, if you would instead prefer benefits such as a boost in creativity and motivation, Feng Shui suggests placing your new Kokedama into your office space. (It’s also just nice for the eyes, let’s be honest!)

Pictured: One of our Bonsai Kokedama

North, East, South or West?

Most of us know that placing houseplants facing a certain way helps them get more light, but Feng Shui practice suggests your chosen location for your Kokedama can determine what benefits you get from it!

For instance, placing your Kokedama in the West or North orientation of your house or workplace can have a stronger impact on the Chi of the area, and is more affected by which type of room you place it in, as mentioned above. Whereas placing a Kokedama in the South or East of your home is seen as having a very strong enhancing effect on prosperity, health and motivation by specifically augmenting the element of Wood, therefore highly encouraging success, wellbeing and goal setting.

Pictured: One of our Bird's Nest Fern Kokedama (Right) and Falcatus Fern (Left)

Have fun with Feng Shui!

Hopefully this has helped you understand the power of Kokedama within Feng Shui tradition, and given you a few tips on how to place your Kokedama to get all the life benefits they can provide! If you’d like to check out our plant hangers, they can be found here, and our Chi-balancing Bonsai are available below for you to have a look through!