Kokedama Workshops: Team-building and Tranquility

Kokedama Workshops: Team-building and Tranquility

We spend a lot of our time at work, which also means we spend a lot of our time around our colleagues. This is why cultivating healthy, constructive and affirmative relationships with the people you work with is so important, and unfortunately a lot of employers simply overlook this. If you’re looking for a modern, bespoke team-building activity which can help unite and invigorate your team, our Bonsai workshops are exactly what you need.

A Fresh, Fun and Hands-on day for your employees!

So what do these workshops encompass? Starting with an engaging and informative presentation on the fascinating historical tradition of the practice of creating Kokedama and Japanese String Gardens, this exciting day will also include a demonstration of how to make a Kokedama, followed by each participant being able to make their very own to take home! This fun, physical environment fosters creativity and relaxation, allowing your employees to get stuck in and help each other create a long-lasting memento of the good memories they have with your company.

Our workshops are catered to and revolve around your preferences. Our entire houseplant collection is on offer for you to choose as the plant for your workshop, so whether you want a clean-lined, sophisticated Bonsai, or one of our carbon-consuming classic Fresh Air Palms, you have all the choice. Each participant will even be gifted an eco-friendly Jute Adjustable Plant hanger so that they can create their own Japanese string garden at home, making an elegant and contemporary decoration.

Our workshops typically last from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and we are happy to accommodate any size of business from 15 to 100 participants. Moreover, we can bring the workshop to a venue of your choice, whether that’s a café, office or other favourite local spot, and are happy to provide more adjustments to suit your specific preferences.

And, if that wasn’t enough, we also provide exotic refreshments, such as a unique flower blossoming tea, and carrot cake with edible flowers!

Pictured: One of our Workshop Fern Kokedama kits.

If you’re interested in treating your employees to a memorable, unique, and enriching day of team building, please get in contact with the team here at Tranquil Plants who are excited to put together your perfect day!

Our workshops are also open for anyone who fancies themselves green-thumbed, so if you’d like to participate independently, or with friends, check out the link below for our next workshop in Bom Bom Patisserie in Loughborough on the 11th of February 2023!