Give you and your Kokedama a Spring Refresh!

Give you and your Kokedama a Spring Refresh!

Spring is on the horizon, and for your Kokedama – and you - that means new growth and new beginnings. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to keep your plants happy and healthy, so here are our spring plant care tips!

A haircut never hurts!

One great way to keep your Kokedama healthy for the start of spring is to keep the leaves happy, and that means one thing – pruning. Over the winter months it’s natural for your Kokedama to get some dead foliage, and moss may become brown or dry. As we enter the spring, it’s a good idea to trim off these dead leaves and dead moss in order to allow your plant to focus on becoming the most vibrant and healthy version of itself! Trimming excess growth off the top of your plant can also keep it looking bushy and well-shaped.

This should also give your plant the chance to grow healthy new growths – whether that’s new buds, leaves or possibly even flowers!

Give your Kokedama a drink!

As we leave the winter months, your Kokedama plant will begin to need more and more water to fuel it’s new growth. If you haven’t given your plant a good submersion in water in a while, now is a great time to do it – make sure to squeeze any excess water out of the bottom of the plant though to prevent the moss from going brown. If you need more info on how to water your plant, click here!

Still remember to mist your plant’s moss with water every few days to keep it moist and happy!

Kokedama need to eat too!

Most people don’t know this, but just like a regular houseplant, Kokedama need fertilizer too to keep them thriving. Although it’s best to do it monthly, if you haven’t fertilized your Kokedama before, Spring is a fantastic time to do it so that it can grow as much and as well as possible. All you need to do is mix indoor plant fertilizer at half of the regular concentration into the water you submerge your Kokedama in and then water as usual!

Check out our Bonsai care kit which contains pruning scissors and the perfect Bonsai fertilizer for your Kokedama here.

Spring: The Perfect Time to bring a Kokedama into your life!

Even if you don’t have a Kokedama yet, or you have one but want more, spring is the perfect time to bring a new Kokedama plant into your life! Giving your home a spring clean is a great way to bring clarity to your environment as we enter a new season, and Kokedama make a great fresh addition to your home and life. Not only do Kokedama look elegant and modern, but they look their best during spring, and are natural air cleaners who will purify pollutants within the atmosphere of your home, keeping you happy and healthy too!