Easter: The Joy of a Fresh Season

Easter: The Joy of a Fresh Season

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Easter is often a time of spending time with loved ones, of sunlight and fresh life, and of welcoming in the changing of the seasons. Animals are being born, the days are longer (finally!) and everything feels a bit brighter. And with that, comes the growth of nature and our plants!

Folklore roots?

One of the famous dates during Easter is, of course, Good Friday. But did you know that this religious date actually has great significance within folklore, too? According to traditional folklore, plants planted and tended on Good Friday grow faster and healthier, and are more plentiful with fruit than those planted on other days.

This tradition actually originated in the 1600s, when potatoes were introduced to Europe, and God-fearing Europeans planted them on Good Friday and sprinkled them with Holy Water to try and guard against misfortune!

What do potatoes have to do with Kokedama?

Well, Easter and Good Friday symbolise much across a range of cultures, but most universally fertility and rebirth. This is what makes it an amazing time to bring more fresh greenery and life to your home!

Nothing says spring cleaning like introducing pops of gorgeous green moss and leaves to your house. Easter reminds us of the beauty of nature, and Kokedama allow you to bring this beauty inside!

Whether you prefer our fluffy moss-wrapped plants, or elegant easy-care coco-fibre wrapped plants, one of our Bonsais, palms or ferns is sure to suit your taste. Our plants not only look beautiful and vibrant in your home, but also take very little care, as all they need is watering - and the occasional moss trim, if you’re feeling fancy!

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