2023: A Happier, Brighter, Greener you

2023: A Happier, Brighter, Greener you

Mindsets for the New Year

The New Year is here and as we start 2023 it’s important to keep our goals in mind. A lot of those goals may be focused on us, but it’s just as important to consider how our lives impact the world around us. Supporting sustainability not only helps the planet, but you too.

Kokedama for the Earth

Kokedama may not be as huge as the trees in the Amazon but they sure do pack a punch. As well as removing toxins from the air and producing fresh oxygen to combat CO2 production, our Kokedama are also covered in natural fluffy moss, or neatly wound Coco-fibre derived from real coconut husks. No plastic pots here! With global warming becoming increasingly concerning, it’s essential to support businesses who avoid greenwashing and instead source natural materials to preserve our beautiful green home called Earth.

We are committed to looking after our planet so only use 4% plastic in our packaging and recycle all our waste products. Even our packing peanuts are biodegradable (If you’re curious, try dipping one in water!)

A Greener, Healthier you

Our Ethos here at Tranquil Plants is that the three key elements for maintaining a tranquil life are upkeeping our Mind, Body and Balance. The Mind is quietened by our beliefs and feelings, the Body by our health and environment, and Balance is ultimately achieved through our sense of wellbeing and our relationships with the world.

When we contribute to the diverse and fantastic world around us, these three essential elements become harmonious, and after comes a sense of true bliss. Kokedama brighten your physical environment and contribute back to the world around you, and this helps reunite these three elements to give you a healthier, happier life!

2023: A Happier, Brighter, Greener you

All of us here at Tranquil Plants wish you a tranquil and beautiful 2023!

We also like to encourage sustainability in every aspect of plant care, so check out our Eco Accessories collection which was made using only recycled or ethically-sourced natural materials. Our handmade Bamboo Plant Tray is reduced by over 30% right now, check out the collection here!