How to make a ‘Green’ Home with Plant Styling

How to make a ‘Green’ Home with Plant Styling

As time has gone on, and interior design trends have continually changed, we’ve gradually seen the increase in the inclusion of houseplants in how people like to decorate their homes. But why is having your own little urban jungle so popular?

Well, not only do plants make great attractive decoration, adding a fresh burst of colour to your environment, but they can also be a wonderful way of adding interest and dimension to your home. Not to mention that having houseplants can around you can have many psychological, physical and environmental benefits – as mentioned in some of our other blogs – such as calming anxieties, helping to reduce indoor pollutants and improving your mental health.

Pictured: A moss palm Kokedama

What is Plant Styling?

Plant styling is an activity – or even a career for some – where people choose the perfect plants and plant accessories to add to a space to make it gorgeous, leafy and plant-central. So, here’s our advice on how you can use plant styling to make your home into an eco-friendly vibrant oasis!

Accessories: Dress it up!

One essential part of plant styling to make your home a green one is accessories! Having a range of hangers, different trays and other plant accessories can help fill your home with everything plant-related and tie in that natural vibe.

For example, our jute hangers can help create levels in your home, letting you hang plants from the ceiling instead of placing them on a surface. Another great accessory that can be used to change the look of your plants and home is trays – for example, our handmade bamboo trays add a natural, rustic look to a room, whereas our blue ceramic trays can add a great subtle dash of colour to a room.

Plant Tools

Not only do plants tools help keep your Kokedama and houseplants look nice and healthy, but they can also be used to add to the green urban jungle décor of your home. Whether it’s our fertilizer, or glass spray bottle, eco-tools can be a wonderful decoration to add to that authentic green-fingered décor!

Variety of Plants: Unique is better!                 

One great way to create a natural, plant-loving interior design in your home is by mixing it up with the Kokedama you choose! For instance, although a palm might be your favourite plant, you may find that combining a large-leafed, bushy fern, or an elegant Carmona bonsai, next to the palm creates an attractive variety!

By staggering the heights of plants, and varying their texture and look, you can create a more engaging and natural-looking home. Kokedama are great for this, as we offer a wide range of different plants, and you also have the choice of cocofibre or moss. By mixing together these two textures, you can create a very textual and exciting interior display of plants.

Location, Location, Location

It might seem obvious, but where you place your Kokedama and houseplants can make a big impact on how they look in your home!

For example, placing a Bonsai on your bedside table can create a great comparison to the mess of keys, lip balms and other random items (sorry, you know it’s the truth), making it look a bit more put-together. Whereas hanging a leafy fern in your bathroom can add a gorgeous pop of nature and colour into an otherwise fairly monotone environment.

One gorgeous way of arranging your Kokedama is creating a bookshelf of plants. Instead of books, you fill the shelf with an assortment of plants, carefully placing them to have an enticing variety of texture, colour and size.

Hopefully this has given you a couple of ideas on how to make your home plant-loving and green. If you’re still interested in how Kokedama can be used in interior design, check out our blog on Feng Shui here!