Eco-friendly, Bespoke and Modern Corporate Gifts: Kokedama

Eco-friendly, Bespoke and Modern Corporate Gifts: Kokedama

Workplace relationships are essential to running a successful business, and giving your employees a unique, eco-friendly and modern gift will leave a long-lasting impression and express your gratitude for their continual dedication to their work far more than a coffee coaster or award. Our corporate air-purifying Bonsai gift packages offer a sleek, sustainable and unforgettable company gift that is sure to leave a lasting impression!

A Desk Buddy for every grey day
Our exotic and exclusive Kokedama gift sets create a modern environmentally friendly standard for employees, both reminding them of your company and offering a special, personal message that will stay with them every day. Our Kokedama are long-lasting, lush and brilliant for the Office as well as home, making them a wonderful premium gift for businesses of all sizes, ranging from 20 to over 100 employees. Our friendly, devoted team will get your order ready within 1-2 weeks and are happy to ship all over the country, wherever your employees are located.

Pictured Left: Corporate gift 20 pack - Palm plant moss Kokedama with tray and wooden logo. £24.99 per plant, £499.80 total. 

Pictured Right: Corporate gift 20 pack - birds nest coco fibre fern kokedama with tray and wooden logo.  £25.99 per plant, £519.80 total. 

Show your care with one of our Corporate Packages!
We have plants for businesses of any size and if you’re interested in our standardized packages, we offer four different sets of 20-pack Corporate gifts. Whether your employees would prefer one of our gorgeous classic Moss Palms with a box of delicious Lindor chocolates, a Palm in a luxury box with a trendy copper spray bottle to keep the moss luscious and moist, or a fern wrapped in natural coco fibre with a sophisticated tray and laser-engraved wood log tag, we have the perfect gift for you! Each plant comes with careful, clear instructions on how to look after your new leafy buddy and recycled environmentally friendly packaging!

Pictured Left: Corporate gift 20 pack - palm plant moss kokedama with tray copper spray bottle and deluxe box £36.99 each, £739.80 total.

Pictured Right: Corporate gift 20 pack - Fern kokedama with tray and chocolate £29.99 each, £599.80 total.

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly poignant issue both for employers and employees, so gifting a Tranquil Plant Kokedama package is a great way to show your business is forging the right path for our planet and future generations.

We offer discounts and free delivery on larger orders and are always happy to tailor our corporate gifts to meet your needs, so please get in contact with the lovely team who will be happy to discuss your preferences! If you’d like to have a look through our current packages, follow the link below: 

Thank you for your interest in Tranquil plants, and we hope you will be just as satisfied with our service as the many other businesses who have loved our corporate packages in the past!