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Kokedama Care Guide

Our plants are easy to look after, but it is important to follow the care instructions below to ensure your plants stay green and healthy.

Care Guidance

Moss Care

Kokedama moss may change in appearance over time, including the development of brown patches. This is a natural part of their aging process. To ensure your moss ball stays healthy and vibrant:

  • Maintain a slightly moist and shaded environment, as moss thrives under these conditions. Don't let it dry out in the sun. It helps to give it a misting spray here and there, typically every 3-5 days. Misting requirements will depend on the humidity and airflow in your home.
  • Keep your moss ball well-hydrated by following the watering guidelines above.
  • If you live in an area with unfiltered ‘hardwater’ it may turn your moss brown, try using distilled water or rain instead.

Light Requirements

Each plant has different light requirements. Bonsai Trees typically prefer to be in bright, indirect light conditions, but some Bonsai Trees such as the Ficus Ginseng can tolerate (and even prefer) medium light conditions.

Our Palm and Fern plants like to be in low to medium light environments where they are out of bright, direct sunlight. In some cases they can tolerate low light conditions, but make sure they still have access to some light as this is an important factor in keeping them alive.

For further guidance on your specific plant care species, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

Coco Fibre Care

Coco Fibre (coconut fibre) plants require little maintenance. It is rot resistant and extremely durable. Simply follow the individual care needs of each plant type.

Coco Fibre can form mould some times if left wet all the time.(Quick trick - place in some dilutted dish washing liquid in  water at ratio of 10 to 1 to stop mould.

Coco fiber plans need slightly less watering.

Leaf Maintenance

Trimming and Pruning

Any browning or spotted leaves should be promptly pinched or cut from the stem. Removing damaged foliage encourages new, fresh growth and helps maintain the plant's overall health and appearance. 

For specific Bonsai pruning guidance, visit this page.


Plant Food

Feeding your Kokedama is essential for its long-term health. Add liquid fertiliser to the water you use to soak the moss ball when watering your plant. Follow the dilution instructions on the fertiliser bottle. It's advisable to feed your Kokedama once a month during the growing season, which typically spans from April to September.

Noticed Mould?

Although rare, mould growth can occur as your plant is a living organism which also supports other living organisms. Simply wipe away any mould with diluted dishwashing liquid at a ratio of 1 part dishwashing liquid to 10 parts water.

To prevent more mould growth, move your plant to a place that has more ventilation.

Roots Growing?

Sometimes, roots can push and grow out of the moss or coco fibre ball - if this happens you can either leave them alone (it will not affect the plant and can create an interesting look), trim them back up to the base of the moss, or plant the whole moss ball in a pot or using our coco fibre wrap kit. This can be found in our 'accessories' section and is easy to use.

Kokedama Watering Guide

Signs of Thirst:

If your Kokedama plant feels lightweight to touch, it's a clear indication that it needs water. Proper watering is crucial for its wellbeing.

As a general rule, the more light your plant recieves, the more it will need watering. We tend to recommend watering every 1-2 weeks but this is dependent on many factors. Bonsai trees typically need watering more frequently, and our Palm and Fern plants can be watered more sparingly.

For more in-depth watering advice, contact us and we can help you out!

Kokedama Watering Submersion Technique

When watering your Kokedama, ensure that you fully submerge the moss ball beneath the water's surface. Hold it submerged for approximately 5 minutes. Look for air bubbles rising to the surface, although they may not always be visible.

Video Water Guide

Plant Care FAQs

How long will my Tranquil Plant last?

If all the optimal living and growing requirements are met, your plant or bonsai friend will last indefinitely! If you need additional guidance, please consult our care guides, or contact us directly.

I'm new to the realm of indoor plants, is it difficult to look after one?

No, these indoor plants are not usually delicate (depending on your home environment) and are very easy to look after. Your watering and care routine may change depending on your home environment, for example, in hotter homes – the plant will need more regular watering, whereas in milder temperatures it will be fine to stick to the prescribed 6 to 9 days.

There will be tell-tale signs that your plant needs something like leaves sagging – they will start talking to you! For example, when the moss ball’s weight is light, it means that your plant needs watering, whereas if it is heavier it means it has water within the moss ball. We hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come.

Does the moss ball restrict the growth and health of the plant or bonsai tree?

No, not at all – it does not alter the natural life processes or growth of your new friend. So, in summary, given the right care and attention, your new plant friend will keep growing and thriving. However, please be aware that keeping your plant or bonsai friend trimmed and shaped is part of the bonsai art and culture!

Can I hang my plant?

Yes, kokedamas are known for being hung using strong string to form Japanese hanging gardens. There are many varieties of hangers for kokedamas, feel free to search around or get a string hanger from our shop!

Why is my moss ball not bubbling when I water it?

Firstly, you will need to submerge the moss ball in water completely; this will allow the moss ball to absorb water which will be marked by the bubbles surfacing. However, this phenomenon can be quite subtle – so as long as you fully submerge your moss ball, it should absorb the water it needs!

Sometimes, a little squeeze on the moss ball will allow it to contract and take in more water.

Where is the best place for my plant?

Our moss wrapped Kokedama prefer humid indoor environments so that  the moss doesn't dry out, so a bathroom or warm kitchen could be the perfect spot. Our coconut-fibre wrapped plants are very easy going and can be placed in many different places that receive a good amount of light.

For specific plant requirements (e.g Bonsai or Palm) visit the separate 'plant care' section to find out more.

Can I re-pot my Kokedama plant or bonsai?

Yes, you may re-pot your plant or bonsai in a pot that is slightly bigger than the original soil ball. You can cut the strings holding together the moss, and place the soil ball inside a pot and fill it with soil and compost.

We recommend using pots that have drainage on them, otherwise the water will sit in the pot and set in root rot which will lead to the death of the plant and/or the bonsai. Additionally, we recommend using general purpose compost for the ferns and special bonsai soil mix, or at the minimum ericaceous compost for bonsai trees. You may also buy bonsai pots in our shop!

 Do I need to fertilise my plant? 

You might notice that your leaves are lighter in colour and have lost their shine - this might mean that your plant needs some fertiliser. All plants are supplied with two months' slow-release fertiliser in them.

After that period, just use Baby Bio fertiliser once every month (except in the winter months where we recommend fertilizing after every 3 months) by soaking the moss ball in a mixing bowl with 5ml of liquid. Baby Bio can be bought from any gardening nursery or from our website.

Will ‘hard water’ affect the health my plant and/or bonsai?

 Across the country, there will be ‘hardwater’ areas. The prolonged use of ‘hardwater’ or water that have a high mineral content and/or chlorine can affect the health of your plant or bonsai.

We recommend, if possible, to use filtered water from your regular water filter or collect some rainwater. You can always use a mixture of both!

If I’m going on holiday, how do I keep the plant alive at home? 

Simply water your plant, let the moss ball dry out for a couple of days so it is not saturated, then place the moss ball in a clear bag, with the top tied and sealed at the trunk. You can leave it in there for up to two or three weeks.

Will heating affect my plant? 

Yes – internal heating, air conditioning, and underfloor heating can affect your plant(s). To avoid this, we recommend that you do not place your plant near a heater or air conditioning unit.

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