Event Horizon Collection

Tranquil Plants Memories of Green Event Horizon Collection

Our Event Horizon Collection is a special collaboration between Tranquil Plants and Memories of Green, these are luxury items only available in limited runs. If you are interested in purchasing one of these items please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a member of our team will be in contact. Alternatively if you'd prefer to speak to us directly please give us a call on 01509 768 865

In astrophysics, an event horizon is most commonly associated with the limits around the gravitational force of a black hole, where the gravitational magnitude is so strong that not even light is fast enough to escape....This horizon is known as "the point of no return.”

Tranquil Plants in collaboration with Memories of Green uses this massive singularity phenomenon as a metaphor for their Deluxe Collection. The objects made out of waste and reused materials posses’ elegant curves inspired by astrophysics calculations to bring awareness of the way we pollute our environment.

Tranquil Plants Event Horizon Catalogue

The Event Horizon collection is born from a process of high speed and brute force. A poetic expression of invisible forces leaves a mark on these sculptural pieces; brutal forces collide against each other imprinting its brand in the materials forever, an explosion of elements frozen in time culminating in a chalice; the single most pure form of reverence and adoration. By combining elegant and seamless textures with the scars of a violent force; Memories of Green designs and pays homage in a poetic way to the massive force that threatens our environment; product pollution.

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