Learn How to Make Your Own Kokedama Moss Ball Houseplant

Learn How to Make Your Own Kokedama Moss Ball Houseplant

Sometimes finding wholesome and sober activities to do at the weekend are a challenge, but here’s where our Kokedama Making Workshops come in! Ever wanted to know how to make your own houseplant, encapsulated in a ball of moss, otherwise known as Kokedama? Well you could join us for a morning or afternoon of learning about the ancient Japanese garden art form and have a go at creating your own houseplant masterpiece at a workshop near you. 


Spend quality time with friends & family

Guided by our founder, Stefan Thomas, our Kokedama workshops provide the perfect opportunity for team building, quality time with friends and family, or even for like-minded societies interested in gardening and lifestyle, so whether you're planning a romantic day out or looking for wholesome date activities, creating kokedama together can be a unique and memorable experience. 

Learn about the fascinating history of Japanese String Gardens 

Join Stefan as he takes you on a journey through time to learn about the heritage of these beautiful moss creations. Not only can you learn something about houseplants, but also be immersed in the incredible history and meaning behind Kokedama, the traditional gardening technique that originated in Japan. 

Make your very own interior decor masterpiece 

What you'll craft on the day will result in a visually stunning, contemporary and self-contained piece of greenery that can be suspended or placed on surfaces, adding a touch of nature to any space. 

Our kokedama offer more than just aesthetic appeal. They bring the calming influence of nature indoors, promoting well-being and a sense of balance. These plants require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for those new to the world of houseplants. So come and craft your own in our workshop experiences


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