Father’s Day: A Sustainable, Easy-care Gift

Father’s Day: A Sustainable, Easy-care Gift

We all struggle with picking out gifts; that time of year comes, and you're there dithering between another comedy book, chocolates or a bundle of flowers. But, this year, why not consider giving your loved one an eco-friendly, bespoke and easy-care Kokedama for Father’s day?

Our Chinese Elm is a great Father’s day present: not only is it elegant, beautiful and simple to care for, but we’re currently offering a Father’s day bundle which includes everything you could need – so there’s no need to be buying a card last minute this year!

Our Chinese Elm Kokedama is a wonderful gift which can last many years with the right care. The Father’s day bundle includes one of our gorgeous moss-covered Chinese Elm Kokedama plants, a blue ceramic tray to go with the Kokedama, a comprehensive plant care guide which will give your loved one all the information they’ll need to keep it happy and healthy, and a Happy Father’s Day message!

Moreover, it is currently new growth season for Chinese Elms, and so your plant will arrive with fresh and thriving leaves. We also time delivery so that your gift will arrive just before the big day, so what's not to love?

Shop our Chinese Elm bundle before Father’s Day using the link below!

Fathers Day Gift Bundle: Indoor Bonsai Tree and FREE Tray – Tranquil Plants