Our Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Promise

Our Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Promise

With Climate Change, sustainability and COP26 at the forefront of the worldwide conversation, we would like to highlight some of the steps Tranquil Plants continuously take to ensure a reduced carbon footprint at a time where conscientiousness regarding these practices is more important than ever.

Ensuring that only biodegradable packing fillers are used to keep your purchases safe, and that the boxes we use are 100% cardboard, are just two of the ways we have bought our packaging down to just 4% plastic. We are always striving for ways to reduce this further, whilst retaining our impeccable record for delivering our products to you in pristine condition. We also recycle all our waste product, including our moss, which is sent to gardens in the local community to be used or composted down. Each of our Kokedama plants is also watered with rainwater, which is luckily in abundance in our hometown of Loughborough!

The more astute eyes amongst you may have noticed that we do not offer next-day delivery through any of our stocklists. Whilst this may seem counterproductive in this age of instant gratification, we stand by our belief that not doing so allows for more orders to be sent out in bulk and as a result, less vans to be out on the roads. We hope you appreciate this as you eagerly await the arrival of your new plants, good things come to those who wait after all…

On the subject of vans, all of our own are equipped with EcoBlue engines which heavily reduce NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) emissions, leading to greater fuel efficiency and further serving to reduce our carbon footprint.

Whilst we will always continue to do our best to help the planet thrive in these trying times, the true power lies in the hands of individuals like yourself who are doing more than we could ever do for the environment by choosing to support independent and ethical businesses. For that, we thank you wholeheartedly, and promise to continue doing our best by you and by the planet we all call home.