Our Corporate Gifting Service

Our Corporate Gifting Service

Finding the right way to say thank you to your clients or employees can be a difficult task. In an ever-growing culture of disposable trinkets and passing fads, picking out the perfect gift to express your gratitude for continued custom or a job well done can be rather overwhelming. This considered, you’ll be pleased to hear that at Tranquil Plants, we offer a stress-free corporate gifting service where we are able to put together lasting, eco-friendly, living gifts that are guaranteed to leave an impression on those you care the most about.


Our entire range of Kokodema, Fresh Air Plants and Bonsais are available as part of our corporate gifting packages that include everything one might need to take care of their new leafy friend. Each package can also be tailored to include a personalised message card featuring your company’s name and logo to really drive the message home that whoever receives such a gift is wholeheartedly valued and appreciated by your company.


In a time where people are waking up to the importance of sustainability and taking steps towards more eco-friendly ways of living and consuming, a gift from Tranquil Plants is the perfect way to set a positive example and emphasise a continued commitment to treating the planet that little bit more kindly whilst providing a genuinely beautiful and thoughtful token of gratitude.


Discounts of up to 12% and free delivery are available on larger orders and we are always happy to discuss ways in which our corporate gifts can be further tailored to suit your clients or employees needs and preferences. More information can be found by following the link below:




We thank you for considering Tranquil Plants and encourage you to contact us with any questions and enquiries you may have regarding this service.