Finding Tranquility

Finding Tranquility

 Defined as that which embodies calmness, peacefulness and serenity, Tranquillity is a state of mind we should all aspire to find ourselves in.


Whilst the trials of day-to-day life may leave our mental and emotional wellbeing in disarray from time to time, there are always ways in which we can alleviate the negative effects of these stresses and transcend into more tranquil headspaces.


The calming nature of plants has been widely documented, be it from finding oneself surrounded by life and brighter colours, or from the therapeutic effects of caring for and nurturing a living organism, the benefits of bringing a little greenery into our lives cannot be underestimated. Seeing a plant thrive and stand tall as a result of regular care and attention can also serve as a reminder to engage in regular self-care and to take care of our own physical and emotional needs with the same sense of duty and diligence we treat our leafy friends with.


At Tranquil Plants, we are advocates for engaging in regular spiritual practices, be it through meditation or by simply taking the time to be present in one’s surroundings and showing gratitude for the positive things in our lives. The spaces we find ourselves in can have a huge impact on our states of mind when partaking in these moments of contemplation, so making the effort to find a dedicated area for these reflective practises, filling it with plant life and any other objects that may bring upon feelings of tranquillity, and potentially playing your favourite calming pieces of music can be a perfect way to set your mind at ease and allow any feelings of negativity to drift away (if only briefly) whilst you reflect on the present moment and that which you are truly grateful for.


We hope that our Kokedama, Bonsai Trees and Fresh Air Plants bring you as much joy as we get from making them and hope that their presence in your places of serenity can bring upon positive changes to your emotional wellbeing, and help you find moments of tranquillity amidst this wild journey we call life.