Origin of Tranquil Plants

Japan has long been the spiritual home of ornamental plants and it is the country of origin for bonsai which became a specialist plant culture of its own and spread world-wide. Kokedama or moss ball also has its origins in Japan where they are very popular. Tranquil plants have continued this Kokedama tradition and hand-make these unique moss ball plants in the UK. 

People are loving the unique style, natural influence and lovely, calming atmosphere Tranquil Plants bring to table decorations, desks, kitchens and bathrooms as well as to commercial spaces such as cafes, restaurants and offices too.

The plants are a unique talking point and encourage a nurturing atmosphere at home and work, which is great for everyone, not just the plants!!

Tranquil Plants are also a starting point for your individuality and creativity and you can create table-top gardens as well as hanging gardens too. Why not add other elements and objects to your own Tranquil Plant garden and keep a lookout here on the website for innovative ideas and inspiration. Send us pictures of your Tranquil plants too, we would love to see how you incorporate them into your space!

Kokedama and Bonsai have always thrived due the individuality of plant lovers and we hope you enjoy continuing this tradition with your Tranquil Plants. You can see our new Coco-Fibre Kokedama range at our shop here