Tranquil Plants' Solutions to Pollutants

They’ve been doing it for aeons. They’ve been working at it for billions of years - and much of the time we do in fact forget that they are the only reason that we are alive today. Plants; recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. It seems they do a wondrous amount of other things too…

Jade Kokedama with Bonsai Book

Although we are getting better at limiting our pollution, recently there have been outcries from pupils around the country to stop car idling around schools. A record 443 London schools are within an unsafe polluted environment (BBC). Car idling generates a huge amount of unnecessary pollution and, especially linked with the pollutants already present in places like London, this contributes towards the premature deaths and lower lung capacity now held by millions of citizens (including many children).

Combine this with ‘super-insulated’, poorly-ventilated homes and see the dramatic negative health effects in the youngest of us, the ones who hold the future of our race… 

Our fresh air plants fight pollution by removing impurities from the air and then freshening it further… Obviously this is without the use of any electronic machinery. Many plants also take NO2 from the air and nullify it, helping out your pair of lungs and probably a few others along the way.

This home or office verdancy achieves noticeable results such as heightened concentration and relief of symptoms like headaches and nausea caused by ‘sick building syndrome’, and as well as being able to combat pollution in your own sustainable way, you will feel brighter in no time.

This solution is beautiful and effortless. What’s not to love?