The Flourishing Fashion of Kokedama

The Kokedama trend has been growing feverishly in a newly-sprouting world of budding gardeners and green-fingered renegades, so we at Tranquil Plants thought it would be rather fitting to shed a little light on the custom of ‘plants with no pot’.

Kokedama is the perfect example of how creativity can flourish in a world that brings the East and the West together. The tradition took root back in Japan, but now it’s become an international craze with creatives all over the world - from America to Amsterdam - getting their own hands dirty in creating cheery moss-balled houseplants. 

Kokedama are sometimes called ‘poor man’s bonsai’ because they require no fancy extras, just a little moss

. It is based on the Japanese custom of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ - which is, in short, the appreciation of nature’s irregularities and perfect imperfections…

Kokedama hence come in all sorts of plant types - bonsais, ferns, palms and anything else that grows in soil really (check out our website!).

FUN FACT: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, wouldn’t we like to tell you, were also full of Kokedama!

Essentially, these mossy friends are travellers through culture and time and are having their newer years of fame throughout the world now.

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