Kokedama Installations

Hanging Plant Installation Design Shop Front

There’s something fantastic, and oddly surreal, about popping into the local cafe and drinking a coffee underneath a community of colourful hanging plants. 

Since our four-star grandstand award at RHS Chelsea in May 2017, we have been expanding our Tranquil roots into a new arena of green-thumbed service: installations. A few months ago in London we set up a display of hanging ‘Kokedama’ (moss ball plants), which were perched like royalty from aluminium fixers along the ceiling… This provided an interesting natural backdrop for contrast with the internet theme of the event, ‘Creators for Change’, hosted by YouTube. We have also been providing installation services for a range of organisations from beauty companies to large corporations.

‘Kokedama’ are plants without pots, with their root systems plastered in soil and wrapped with a sheet of moss. Although they originate in ancient Japan as ‘offspring’ of the well-known Bonsai tradition, these plants are definitely modern and are taking the horticultural community by storm. As the Telegraph points out in their article ‘Gardening Trends: the Rise of Kokedama’, kokedama “started in Japan, and skipped over to the Netherlands before infiltrating the United States. Now it is popping up here [in the UK]”. 

These plants are easy to care for and extremely versatile: whether hung from the ceiling or chilling on a windowsill, they’re easy-going, and require little care.

And no, if you were wondering, they won’t drip on your (or your clients’) face from a great height, even though they have no pot.

There are many reasons why you might want to employ Tranquil Plants to jazz up your event, convention or establishment. First of all, kokedama provide a unique and original approach to design and bring that ‘wow factor’ to catch the eye of visitors. They can be modified to suit any venue and even. Secondly, being plants, kokedama are totally eco-friendly and even purify the air of various toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde. They make a great environmental statement that your company cares about the planet, and your clients and guests will walk away inspired. 

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