Kokedama Corporate Gifts

Organisations like car firms, solicitors’ firms and digital media corporations have been coming to Tranquil Plants for their corporate gifting needs, and we offer them our kokedama products: unique, inspiring plants that are easy to care for, environmentally friendly and perfect ornaments in all homes, workplaces and places of leisure. 

Tranquil Plants are special gifts for four reasons: 

  1. They promote care of the environment. Plants like ferns, palms and ivies are scientifically proven by NASA to purify the air of toxins. You can read more about this in our blog here: Purifying benefits of fresh air plant
  2. Our moss ball plants originate in ancient Japan and hark back to a more mindful age, encouraging your clients or employees to relax and be in the moment. 
  3. Most Tranquil Plants are extremely easy to care for and so are great for those who arent experienced with plants. 
  4. We can have your branding centre-stage on each of our products, reminding your clients or employees of you whenever they see their plant. 

We have a choice of four bespoke ranges: 

  1. The Fresh Air Package’ with a special environmental message 
  2. The Bonsai package
  3. The Orchid package 
  4. The Jade package (Feng-Shui money plant) 

If none of these plants are what you are looking for, browse our full online catalogue here.

Dont hesitate to contact us. We can tailor our products to meet your specific needs and we are very friendly and flexible!