Corporate Plant Gifts

Corporate gifting

Instead of a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine, companies are choosing to go that extra mile to give back to their clients by sending them a meaningful gift with an environmental and positive message.

Tranquil Plants have been moving into the field of corporate gifting, helping companies to send an inspiring and green message across to their clientele. Organisations like solicitors’ firms, digital media corporations and jewellery companies have been coming to Tranquil Plants for a fresh, inspiring take on corporate gifting, and we offer them kokedama: unique, inspiring plants that are easy to care for and perfect ornaments in all homes, workplaces and places of leisure.

The plants in particular we have been giving are bonsai kokedama which hark back to ancient Japan, but which are also very modern and stylish. These plants are ten years old and are made by hand with love, in the UK, with authentic materials. They last for as long as you give them the right care. We have also been giving fresh air plants such as asparagus ferns and dragon plants, which purify the air of harmful toxins such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide whilst giving out oxygen, thereby decreasing the risk and prolificacy of sick building syndrome. For this reason, ‘fresh air’ kokedama are perfect compadres for any conscientious office worker, helping to increase alertness and productivity (as well as giving a burst of nature’s magic to your desk). 

Every big change starts with a small deeds, and we believe that by spreading the unique vibe of kokedama, the corporate world will become more and more integrated with the natural world and we will be able to help the environment and be more at peace with the planet and ourselves.

How wonderful!