Why you should NOT buy an air purifying machine...

Tranquil Plants Kokedama BonsaiTranquil Plants Kokedama Bonsai Orchid

In London around 9000 people die prematurely every year due to pollution in the city, and younger children now develop smaller lungs to cope with the atmosphere around them. Does that sound fair to you?

And unfortunately, even if we don’t live in cities, we are never quite safe from air pollution. Although you make think you’d be safer indoors, the air quality in buildings can be up to ten times worse than outside (see our sick building syndrome blog).

How do you deal with this? Get an air purifying machine? Sorry to say, folks, but that is not the right answer! These machines use electricity which is primarily produced by the burning of fossil fuels, adding to the struggling atmosphere. It may freshen up your room, but at the expense of the entire planet.

So, is there an alternative? Tranquil Plants are here to tell you that yes, there is a simple and beautiful solution - fresh air plants.

Fresh air houseplants dissolve dangerous chemicals in the air such as benzene and transform carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen. The Tranquil Plants range offers some of the most prevalent ‘Fresh Air’ plants. The best to improve air quality include English ivies, flamingo lilies, the ‘dracaena’ plants, ferns and palms. Most of these we sell at Tranquil Plants and for a small price too - in comparison with the hundreds of pounds you might spend on an air purifier! You will undoubtedly feel the benefits including heightened concentration, better sleep and increased focus with fresh air Kokedama to purify your space.

This is a call to action from Tranquil Plants. Work with us to cleanse our world by investing in a Kokedama for your own home, and begin to feel a little brighter in everyday life!