You never thought the hair of a coconut husk could turn into something so chic

Simplicity. Elegance. Ease. Beauty.

These are just a few words to describe the new up-and-coming coco-fibre range, a range that has taken Tranquil Plants by storm. There are two big players in this range, whose roots are now accommodated snugly in a rustic blanket of coco fibre. These are the Calamondin Citrus (basically a posh term for an orange tree) and French Lavender: a step above the english lavender due to its butterfly-like flowering buds. The defining characteristic of a coco-fibre plant is simply that its roots - instead of being wrapped in moss - are wrapped in coco-fibre, a type of fibre that comes from the husk of a coconut. Bet you never thought the hair of a coconut husk could turn into something so chic…

What are the advantages of a coco-fibre kokedama?

Are you a busy person? Are you running around like a headless chicken half the time trying to find the car keys or take the kids to school? If the answer is yes, and you want to buy a plant, consider coco fibre.

Why are they the best for busy people? Coco fibre kokedama (Japanese for moss-ball) are very hardy. The ball doesn’t need maintenance, unlike green moss, which needs spraying three times a week and goes brown without attention. Of course, coco fibres still need to be watered weekly (or according to the website guidelines) but in reality that’s about 2 and a half minutes out of your week — about the time it takes to make a cup of tea. Think of it as making a cup of tea for your plant.

Other than needing regular water they are about as hard as nails (and as sweet as oranges and lavender), which is useful because most people don’t have time these days for tending meticulously to plants like an ancient samurai warrior… If you do, however, we admire you!

The Big Choice: Coco Fibre Versus Green Moss

The choice is completely up to you, but could depend on a few things:

A) your taste; which do you have more of an affinity for? Check out our blogs and online shop to get a sense of both ranges and their qualities.

B) how much time do you have/want to spend looking after your plant? If you suspect that your busy lifestyle will be a sure-fire cause of your becoming a plant neglecter then best bet is to go for the coco fibre. Green moss takes a little more care and attention.

C) are you looking to deck out a cafe, restaurant or public establishment? The coco fibre is always a great choice. Easy to look after, rustic and modern-looking; as well as practical — especially if there are no natural gardeners amongst your crew, these guys look great on the till or hanging from the ceiling in a modern-day version of a Japanese string garden. (Bear in mind, coco fibres like to judge the skill of the barista whenever a flat white is made).

Whatever your choice, the Tranquil Plants team are on-hand to help you with your queries. Check out our FAQ page, or email us at Best of luck with all your horticultural endeavours!