A Unique and Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Idea

A Unique and Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Idea

If you are looking for a long-lasting, inspiring product that delivers a positive and environmentally friendly message to send to your clients or employees, our range of Kokedama plants are the perfect gift. From authentic Japanese Bonsai Trees to plants that purify your air, we provide an exciting range for you to choose from.

Gifting a plant for your corporation promotes a care of the environment, whilst also making a statement about growth, care and nurturing. Most Tranquil Plants are low maintenance and easy to care for making them perfect for everyone, including plant beginners.

What we offer:

  • Gift Boxes: We can send the Kokedama out in a simple gift box with your desired plant, as well as a plant spray bottle and a ceramic plant tray.
  • Customisation: If you are sending a corporate gift to multiple clients or employees, it's hard to make it personal. Leave it with us. For each gift, we will add a personalised message card featuring your company name and logo to a Gift Card or our Care Guide included with the product.
  • Discounts: We also have a discount structure for larger quantities of orders to get you money off the total corporate order. Find this on our website under 'corporate gifts'.


Don’t hesitate to call or contact us to discuss any queries about your order. We can tailor our products to meet your specific needs and we are very friendly and flexible.

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