How to Keep your Kokedama Moss Green and Healthy

How to Keep your Kokedama Moss Green and Healthy

Are you struggling with the moss on your Kokedama plants? If so, keep reading because we have some top tips to help you salvage unhappy or browning moss.

Moss will go brown if it has dried out or if it has been over watered. If the moss is saturated for long periods, it will go brown as it can't breathe. To keep moss green and healthy, it prefers to be lightly moist all of the time. 

The first step we recommend if you start to see your moss losing its colour is to create a greenhouse atmosphere around your moss. To do this, place your lightly moist moss ball in a clear, thin bag; it also helps to mist the bag lightly beforehand. It is important to keep the bag tied up or sealed so that all the moisture is retained.

Once you have done this, place the plant in a medium sunlit area to help create the humid environment that the moss needs. To check if it is working properly, look for a fine mist developing on the inside of the bag as this shows it is generating humidity. If you notice a puddle in the bottom of your bag it is important to empty the bag and start again, as this can cause your moss to go brown.

We recommend you leave the plant in the bag for 1 to 2 weeks without opening it. The moss could need a little longer so if this is the case then reseal and leave it for another week. During this time it is possible that mold could form on your moss as a result of the moist atmosphere. If this occurs, simply wipe it off and let air circulate on the affected area.

If you follow these tips, your moss should start to rejuvenate and regain its colour in a few weeks.

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