A Great Connection…

The Tranquil Plants team is so enjoying working with the exciting and ever-growing London company, WeWork.

Spread throughout over 20 buildings in London and growing throughout the world, WeWork is a company which provide spaces where all sorts of different businesses and companies work and thrive together. Approximately 300 businesses work together in each hub, and modern environments which nurture innovation, creativity and connection between people are the trademark quality of the WeWork spaces.

Tranquil Plants Gallery Style!

Tranquil Plants in WeWork

Tranquil Plants absolutely love this approach to bringing companies together under one roof, and being there is to enter into a an exciting beehive of activity.

Over the last year we have had the privilege of providing pop-up shops in lots of WeWork hubs over the last year. WeWork themselves and the companies within them have been inspired by our plants, which in many ways are perfectly suited to the WeWork ethic.

Adaptable and work-friendly

By bringing the outside inside, our plants create a green space conducive to productive work, and it goes without saying that they pair perfectly with the visual aesthetic of the WeWork spaces. Our plants are very adaptable to working environments and can be hung and placed anywhere, even if there isn’t much light.

Coffee Table

Making London’s air healthy

We have noticed that London companies are now particularly conscious of air pollution, and our Fresh Air plants such as ferns, palms and ivies assist in keeping the indoor air clean and fresh by removing CO2 and toxins like formaldehyde, and generating life-giving oxygen. In this respect they are like nature’s air-purifiers.

Our plants are also wonderful and unique gifts for employees and clients alike, helping to nurture a sense of community and bring companies and customers even closer.

It’s great to be keep being invited back to such a buzzing and dynamic community of workers.