Moss Care Guide

Like all living things your moss ball Kokedama will change over time and brown patches will occur. Ageing moss can turn brown in certain places – this is natural, and if kept properly, most of it will stay green! As a general rule, moss thrives in a slightly moist and shady environment. To keep your moss as fresh as the day it arrived for as long as possible there are a few things you can do.


Tips for Keeping your Moss Healthy

Don't let your moss dry out

Moss thrives in moist conditions so leaving it in a sunny window sill or an area where it will easily dry out should be avoided.

    Mist your moss

    For our green moss to stay fresh and to avoid it drying out, it helps to give it a misting spray here and there, typically every 1-3 days. Misting requirements will depend on the humidity and airflow in your home. 

    Try not to overwater your moss

    If moss is constantly saturated it can turn brown so avoid over watering your plant or leaving it in a damp area. Think about where your plant is placed and if its having an affect on your plants health.

    Types of Water for Moss

    Using unfiltered ‘hardwater’ can also turn your moss brown, try using bottled water or rain instead.

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      How to Rejuvenate your Moss?

      Is your moss no longer green and fresh like it once was? Don't panic, there is a good chance your moss can bounce back to life by following the below steps.

      1. First, find yourself a clear bag (tip - keep the clear bag your Kokedama arrives in!). A sandwich bag will do if you no longer have this.

      2. Give this bag a light misting with water then place your moss ball inside. 

      3. Tie up the bag so that all of your moss is covered and contained within it. Placing the moss inside the bag creates a greenhouse effect to help bring your moss back to life. 

      4. Leave for 1-2 weeks. (If your plant needs to be watered within this time, take the plant out of the bag and water as normal. Make sure the moss has dried up again before placing back into the bag. If the moss is placed into the bag wet, it will be too oversaturated and will not be able to breathe. Repeat steps by misting the bag and placing the dry moss ball inside as outlined above).

      5. Once this time period is over, you should notice your moss slowly springing back to life. Repeat the steps above as and when is necessary

      Important things to note:

      If mould forms on the surface of the moss it can be removed by simply wiping it off using a cloth and some diluted dishwashing liquid.


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      Remember to Mist your Moss

      To avoid your moss drying out, remember to mist regularly to keep it moist and fresh!

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      Moss Likes Moist Conditions

      Remember that your moss best prefers a moist, humid environment. Avoid letting it dry out by misting the moss regularly. Similarly, avoid soaking the moss too often as this also has a negative impact on your moss.

      Find a happy medium - not too wet and not too dry!

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