Shade-Loving Kokedama Plants

Shade-Loving Kokedama Plants

When it comes to adding natural elegance to your indoor or outdoor spaces, kokedama is an artful and imaginative way to embrace the beauty of greenery. At Tranquil Plants, we are delighted to introduce you to a range of shade-loving kokedama plants that will thrive in the dimmest corners of your living spaces. Join us as we explore the tranquil allure of shade-loving kokedama, featuring the Asparagus Falcatus Fern, the Bird's Nest Fern, and the Parlour Palm.

Medium to Low Light Kokedama Indoor Plants

Shade-loving kokedama plants open the door to a world of tranquility, offering beauty and serenity even in areas where sunlight is scarce. Our collection features three remarkable species, each with unique qualities:

Asparagus Falcatus Ferns

Asparagus Fern (Asparagus densiflorus) is the embodiment of grace, thriving in low-light conditions. Here's why it's an excellent choice for kokedama:

  1. Shade Tolerance: Asparagus Fern flourishes in dim spaces, providing an aura of elegance and softness.
  2. Feathery Foliage: The plant's delicate, feathery fronds offer a lush and graceful appearance.
  3. Low Maintenance: Asparagus Fern is relatively undemanding, requiring consistent moisture and occasional pruning to maintain its charm.


shade loving asparagus fern houseplants

Bird's Nest Ferns

Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) introduces an exotic touch to your kokedama collection (see image above). Here's why it's an exquisite choice:

  1. Low Light Resilience: Bird's Nest Fern's vibrant, arching fronds are the perfect fit for low-light spaces, bringing a touch of the tropics.
  2. Unique Foliage: Its glossy fronds add an exotic and tropical feel to your surroundings.
  3. Air-Purifying Qualities: Bird's Nest Fern is not just beautiful; it also purifies the air, enhancing your living environment.

 Shade loving bird nest fern houseplants

Parlour Palms

Parlour Palms (Chamaedorea elegans) are synonymous with tropical elegance. Here's why they're an excellent choice for your shade-loving kokedama:

  1. Low Light Tolerance: Parlour Palms are well-known for their adaptability to low light conditions, making them ideal for those dim, cozy corners.
  2. Elegant Foliage: The plant's dainty, arching fronds exude tropical elegance and charm.
  3. Compact Size: Parlour Palms remain relatively small, ensuring they won't outgrow their kokedama too quickly.

shade loving parlour palm houseplants

With shade-loving kokedama plants like Asparagus Ferns, Bird's Nest Ferns, and Parlour Palms, you can bring the soothing beauty of nature to the darkest corners of your home or garden. These living artworks infuse serenity, artistry, and life into your surroundings. Embrace the shadows and create your own shade-loving kokedama gardens, and experience the captivating allure of nature's greenery in any setting. Visit our collection of shade-loving kokedama and elevate your space with elegance and tranquility.